Buying a House In South Carolina?

Some Questions this Book will Answer:

  • What terms the contract must have to be enforceable in court
  • How an unclear, ambiguous term in a contract could land you in court
  • Why get Owner’s Title Insurance
  • Understanding due diligence inspections, repair addendums and default
  • And so much more...
I wrote this book because South Carolina is one of the few states that requires that an attorney conduct the real estate closing rather than a title company. Even so, contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate are most often signed well before the closing attorney is chosen. Sometimes those contracts contain ambiguous or conflicting terms that mean one thing to the buyer and another to a seller which can make the otherwise exciting event turn sour. If you are buying a house in South Carolina, do yourself a favor an read this book before you decide to sign on the dotted line.

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